Monday, June 11, 2012

Aimmee Dudevant....Escort Berlin

Dear heavenly father I have has been a lifetime since my last confession....perhaps only in a past life.

I have had sexual relations
sexual relations with many men
I have been penetrated...
In every way possible.

Will I go to hell?

Even if I liked it and I am not sorry? Even if I want it more and more? Even if I enjoy getting paid for it?

No my will not go to hell. There is a special place in heaven reserved for those who tend to the needs of men and there is also a special place for those who enjoy it! getting paid only makes you honest and shows men how to value more what they receive! Have no fear child your place, your happy heavenly place is secured next to the holiest of the holy....after all you have tended to us and our needs longer than any other and we are grateful. We keep those we value close and safe!

Let's expand the sinful desires together next time you desire an escort in Berlin.

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